Sports Fishing aboard the Bluefin!  
28-foot BHM lobster boat. Fishing Cape Cods Marthys Vineyard ,and Nantucket shoals.  

SPORTS FISHING inshore for striped bass,blues,bonito,and albacore. Great for the guys! Girls too!
BOTTOM FISHING a speciaty .Family style fun .Great for family and friends. For porgys {scupp} sea bass, and fluke.
BIG GAME FISHING offshore. Monster sharks. Local tournements.Bluefin Tuna. For the Harrdy
Step abord the Bluefin. For fishing menories that will bring you back to the famed fishing grounds of Cape Cod. Pitcher your self battling striped bass, and blue fish. On sporting tackel that will match your skill, and wits aginst the fish!The drag screams. And the rod lays over bounching . As the line pays out franticly. Will the line stop in time? As you pick the rod out of its holder. You can feel the weight of the fish! The battle has begun! The run slows.The spool holds just enough line Its close to empty. Is the fish is under controll maybe? The rod tip pulses with each tail sweep translates down the line.You tremble inside your self. And settel in for the fight.The first run is over. Now pull up the rod tip. And reel in as you drop slack in the line. Not to fast keep the line taught. Agin pull the fish forward, and reel down. Each pump brings the fish closer to you.Your forearms ache. Burning mussel under that strain.Then the crew yells; Don,t stop Keep going! Spuring you on. Keep reeling. Untill the fish is boat side. As you look down over the side. You can,t belive how big the fish is . Don,t loose this fish thinking to yourself! The moment of truth as the Captian reaches for the prize .Its pulled from the water onto the deck. Dripping wet. Its huge ! Glissading stripes, exhausted wild. You stare in dissbelife. But there it is. You boated the first fish of the day. And OH YA. ITs A LOT OF FUN!
licensed, insured and experienced Captain Brian Courville.
Blue Fin Charters
Capt Brian Courville
508-457-9194 / Cell 508-292-3244

15 Madeline Rd., East Falmouth, Massachusetts 02536
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